If Your Bad Habits Results Out In ED Then Take Help Of Cenforce

The men of young ages usually experience the trouble of erectile dysfunction as of their bad habit of alcohol, smoking and porn addiction. The high intake of alcohol and smoking restricts the blood vessels and lowers the blood flow, while the more masturbation causes the lower sperm count and both conditions causes the poor erection at time of lovemaking. At that time, to overcome the trouble of erection failure they make use of ED medication and Cenforce is one of the most popular erection drugs.

Cenforce 150mg is used for erectile dysfunction in men of all the ages above 18 years. The intake of the drug allows the men to have hard and longer erection required for the satisfied intimacy. The drug implements its functioning by increases the flow of blood in the male penile and causes a harder erection. The drug encloses Sildenafil (a PDE-5 enzyme inhibitor) as a main functional component, which plays an important role in erection treatment.

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The enzyme PDE-5 is supposed to be accountable for the breakdown of c-GMP substance into the men body. These further cause the blood vessels contraction and block the blood flow in penile and as a result erection failure happens. Thus, Sildenafil leads to blockage of PDE-5 and increase the total production of c-GMP substance. This further causes the relaxation of blood vessels and allows a large amount of blood in the penile. The blood filled penile get expanded when men become sexually aroused during lovemaking.

Cenforce oral tablets are commercially accessible as of 50mg, 100mg, 150mg and 200mg. The impotent men should have to start their treatment with a lower dose of 50mg extended up to 200mg for the efficient result. The intake of the drug is required to have 60 minutes former to the intimacy via an oral route once in a day. The drug takes 30 minutes to reveal its action in the men body, which nest in the body for the duration of 5 hours. Hence, do not exceed the dose intake by one pill in a day as an overdose may cause prolong or painful ejection.

The men relying on treatment with Cenforce may exhibit some side effects as of muscle pain, chest pain, body pain, headache, facial flushing, dizziness, drowsiness, and impair thinking power, ringing sound in the ear and stomach upset. Henceforth, the men taking Cenforce medication should have to avoid the consumption of alcohol and grapefruit juices. Do not take Nitrate derivative if you are taking Cenforce as the combination may cause hypotension. The fatty food may delay the drug absorption, hence do not consume a fatty meal. The drug may produce dizziness effect hence; men have to take caution while driving and machinery work. If you have a medical illness of liver, kidney, heart, and blood or allergic issues then do not take Cenforce.

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